SYNEROIL 1 L - concentrated

SYNEROIL 1 L - concentrated


SynerOIL® is a complex of essential oils made from plant extracts full of oxygen. SynerOIL® is non-flammable, alcohol-free and has a neutral pH. Its oral and dermal harmlessness is certified by an approved toxicological research center (BIOGIR réf.90.1069.70).

SynerOIL® purifies the ambient air thanks to its unique composition based on essential oils, which are 100% pure and natural : pine, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, clove, cypress, thyme, mountain savoury.

SynerOIL® is the result of research dedicated to improvement of air quality by destroying bad smells.


Canister of 1L – concentrated

This product is very concentrated in essential oils. It is meant to be diluted with the help of the SynerZen fountain.

Verify the compatibility in case of a different use. 

Destruction of the sources of bad smells:
SynerOIL® has its place in the house and can be used for diverse professional applications. It is used diluted with the help of electrical or manual sprayers.

For specific cleanings : Dilute SynerOIL® at 10% (25 ml for 250 ml) with water in a manual sprayer.
For the maintenance of floors : Dilute SynerOIL® at 1 or 2% in a bucket (10 or 20 ml/l of water according to pollution); to get a persistent effect, rinse tiled surfaces : kitchen, toilets etc.

In the SynerZEN® fountain : Dilute 15 to 20 ml of SynerOIL®/ 600 ml of water in the fountain to improve general wellness and breathing comfort.